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Real meat pollution

“What if you could turn it all around? Lose weight, regain the ridiculous energy levels of your youth [….] How about if you could do that while still eating really well? You know… all the good stuff […] juicy steak, eggs pretty much any way you like them, roast chicken, heavenly bacon and more?” – The Real Meal Revolution

The above is a quote from a suddenly popular book, The real meal revolution, which proposes that people should follow the Banting (low carb, high fat) diet for weight loss and health (it is essentially a paleo-style diet as I understand it). In two previous posts I considered, respectively, healthy eating and ethical eating. One of my problems with these new-fangled diets, in my opinion, is that they make it much harder to do something I find to be an ethical imperative: eat less meat.

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Movie trailers: all hype

I am semi-addicted to movie trailers. Each trailer is two minutes of semi-guilt-free procrastinationy goodness.  Trailers are useful: they allow you to distinguish between movies you want to watch and those you don’t without actually having to watch them in entirety. But I have found they have a dark side. Read the rest of this entry »

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