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Fundamental Atheism on the internet

I recently “liked” a group called Anti-Theists. Pro Active Atheists. Opposing Religious Harm. on Facebook, and also one called Atheist Uprising. I “liked” them not because I am an atheist (I am a Christian), but because I like to hear what atheists, particularly the passionate ones, have to say. These facebook groups use memes (and, to a lesser degree, links to articles, and Youtube videos) in order spread their message.

I have always enjoyed interacting with atheists (I have many friends who are atheists or agnostic), but this is the first time I’ve actively sought out Atheist opinions on social media and allowed them to flood my news feed. Being constantly confronted by anti-theists isn’t always easy, because it forces you to confront your beliefs. But it is important. The more I see the more I realise that fundamental atheism, the atheism that deliberately opposes all forms of religion, is really just a religion itself, with all the attendant harm and nobility. I want to illustrate a bit of this by having a brief look at some of the memes that show up. (I will, of course, be cherry-picking the ones that suit me. Go have a look at the Facebook pages if you think I am not giving a fair account).

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Grumpy cat

I really enjoy the grumpy cat meme that’s been doing the rounds on the net and I thought I would try my hand at it too. So here are some grumpy cats captioned by me. (Pictures found on the internet – I hope no one minds their use).

come, join me. no.

Sources: here and here

Awww... so cute It's going to grow old, get cat leukemia and die

Sources: here and here

P.S. I made these with Word and Paint (isn’t that horrifying?)
P.P.S. These will also be placed on Facebook.

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