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Here is an extract from a post on my blog J delta rho about the importance of being self-critical in academia. This is, of course, also important in life. It is not enough for others to acknowledge your faults, you must acknowledge them for yourself and actively seek them out.


I recently finished my masters thesis and I would now like to do something that most people never do. I am going to critique my work. I believe that being self-critical is essential not only in research, but in life in general. In research it is necessary to further the truth. It is not enough that others are critical of you (though it is necessary). You must be critical of yourself – only then will you be willing to remedy your flaws, change your convictions and pursue truth and goodness rather than your own prejudiced agenda.

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Don’t trust research, not even your own

The more research I do (and I have not done much) the less I trust other research, and the less I trust my own.  When you read a paper in finance you will invariably find significant results that support the author’s conclusions.  When I run regressions, my results are weak, sometimes contradicting my hypothesis sometimes confirming it.

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The anonymous referee

Here is another post from my other blog, more on academia, this time peer review (don’t worry I will have some more regular meditations soon):

In academic articles, you sometimes come across a paragraph that makes no sense (even on a second or third reading). Very often you will find, attached to this paragraph, a footnote, which says something like the following…. read more

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