Fire appears to be a symbol intimately coupled with both life and death. Life is a kind of fire, burning hot for a time and then dissipating. By life, I do not mean just individual life, but all life. Physically (simplistically) of course, we are just vessels for burning oxygen and harnessing the energy so obtained. Humans are just tiny embers of the grand fiery life that is Earth, fuelled by the sun, which will one day die. Have you ever thought of God as a fire? Not just in wrath, but in the same way that life is fire, but (hopefully) eternal. Out of this fire comes our own fire, both spiritual (think holy spirit) and physical. I think these are the kinds of disparate thoughts that went through my head as I wrote the following poem quite a few years ago:

The Fire

The Fire burns
and rages with
and soft
from an eternal
brought forth
in life, and 
and life
	in death
prosperity, despair
and punishment
The blistering glow
releases tiny embers
like little fire-balloons
that fall to the Earth
and imitate
	a million times
the power, and glory of their
		and quickly
little grey bodies
that are stamped
into the ground


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