A story in Cape Town’s future

It has been some time since I have written a story. Here is an excerpt from a new story, called ConnectedIt is about a future Cape Town where implants are available that can connect people’s minds. But of course it’s not really about that: actually it’s about social issues that present themselves in the present, about what forms of love are acceptable and which are not. Read it with an open mind.

Jakkie and Jolande stood together in the large hall, facing the worship leaders. They played instruments, but the sound fed only into the implant network. To an unconnected observer all would be silent, except for the occasional audible exultation that slipped through. The siblings clasped their hands and lifted them in the air, their eyes closed, beatific expressions on their faces. Others soon joined, forming rows of worshippers, hands clasped and raised in the air, declaring the victory of Christ.

from Connected.(link disabled)

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