A new story and reflections on getting published

I am delighted to announce that this month (November) you can find a little story I wrote – it’s called  Carie’s Way – in the ezine Penumbra. The theme of the issue is gaslight fantasy, which means, as I understand it, that it is set in Victorian times (particularly in England) when streets were still lit with gaslamps. My particular story is set in colonial Cape Town, ruled by the English. An English girl named Carie finds there are sinister forces at work in the very heart of the Empire. Will she have the courage to strike at them when given the chance? It’s a simple story, but hopefully a fun one too.

For an amateur writer like myself this is, of course, a prize: to have one’s work published, even if it is only a short story in a ezine with a small circulation. I feel rather chuffed. It’s almost like being elevated from the rank of “writer” to “author” (it’s not quite that).  Importantly, it’s a first step. A crucial building block of my, until-now non-existent, reputation as a writer.  If you read the story, feel free to give me feedback (positive or negative).

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