Being a mathematician in Amsterdam

I have been studying mathematics in Amsterdam for a nearly year now. I felt I needed to record my experiences of Amsterdam in story form. However, I have also wanted to write something about mathematics, about how mathematicians see mathematics, and why they do it, in a form that even non-mathematicians can understand. I tried to do both these things in a little story I wrote. It is heavily based on my own experiences in Amsterdam, of studying mathematics and of interacting with  mathematicians both in the Netherlands and in South Africa.

The story is divided into six lessons, each a snapshot of David’s life, where David’s thoughts, recollections and interactions with others give some insight (I hope) into the mind and life of a mathematician.  I have entitled it “The lives of the mathematicians.”

Here is  a link to the story. Let me know if you like (or if you hate it, or have any other kind of experience).

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