Never snow, never snow, never snow

I sometimes feel like the only person on Earth that hates snow. It is snowing outside right now, whereas my family is currently experiencing a heat wave in another part of the world. Having been through a heat wave, I can honestly say, I would rather have the heat wave.

Advantages of snow

  • It is white and (somewhat) pretty – for a little while.

Disadvantages of snow

  • It is cold
  • It is not fun to cycle in the snow – it burns your eyes.
  • It is not fun to drive in the snow (I assume)
  • It is not fun to cycle or drive after it has snowed – snow that has thawed a little and frozen again is slippery and dangerous.
  • It is not white and pretty for very long. Soon it becomes brown and dirty and ugly as people and cars trample through it.
  • It delays all the trains (at least it does in the Netherlands where the train service are perpetually surprised when it snows in winter)
  • It is cold

I omit snowmen and snowballs from this list since these involve interaction with the cold snow, which can obviously not be an advantage. Also, for those people who don’t yet know: snow is cold.

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