Become an organ donor today

It’s Easter, a time in which we remember how Jesus gave his body for our salvation. Donating your organs when you die seems to me to be a suitable way to honour this supreme sacrifice.

I have always been in favour of organ donation, but until now nothing has gotten me to officially register as an organ donor.  I just found out, however, that my mother is going to get a donor cornea, something we had been hoping for.

My family has known for a long time that I would like to be an organ donor. However, it has taken news of this good fortune for me to seek out official registration. This was rather silly of me. Registration takes 2 minutes.  South Africans go to the organ donor foundation and Dutchies, you can go to the JaofNee campaign.

Register as an organ donor. It costs you nothing and it ensures that, should you die, there is no question of what to do with your body. Do it now.

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