Sun God

Having basically had no summer for two years, I am considering becoming a sun worshipper. It is no wonder the Egyptians worshipped a Sun god.  In the Netherlands right now the Spring is cold, but sometimes the sun shines. It is a weak sun that you cannot feel through the wind and the cold air. But if you’re inside, with insulated walls and glass, the sun through your windows can be warm and, if you don’t actually go outside, you may think jackets are optional.

In a country starved for sunshine, you appreciate its power. In my case, its power to bring warmth not only to your home, but your soul.

The sun only looks bright

The sun only looks bright

It is cold outside
	but here, inside
	against the glass
I feel your warmth
more real than imagined deities
	warming my soul
I press my cheek against the warmed glass
It feels like the African summer
	so far away
that I long for

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